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Abstract One: Technology Overview and Impact

Jackson, A., Jr. 1985. High Tech’s influence on Our Lives: Adapting to Change. Vital Speeches of the Day (1 January): 164-166.

The article “High Tech’s influence on Our Lives: Adapting to Change” sheds light upon the exponential growth of technology in societies across the world and the conflict this accelerating growth causes with the natural human aversion to change. In the coming times, people must learn to adapt to the inevitable change that our new age will herald. Though competition between the peoples of the world is recognized as a significant driving factor for these technological advancements, the unrivaled growth of technology humankind has attained in this age owes itself to man’s desire to help the common good as well. With this age where technological advancement holds sway, the article predicts that the knowledge worker will stand over those who use muscles. Those knowledge workers will craft the world through their engineering. The article slowly explores those miraculous advancements humans have attained and further delves into the technological advances that exist only as ideas and hopeful designs. People have brought forth revolutionizing medical concepts such as brain tissue transplants, use of electronic devices to aid the human body, cryobiology, and even organ transplants. These additions to the medical field are only a few of the countless, and there are many more ideas whose concepts are in the process of realization. Further, the article moves onward to show that these advances are not limited to the medical field but stretch out to numerous other areas including but not limited to communication, transportation, entertainment, and energy concerns. With the unimaginable potential of technology, the article warns that it falls to the people to decide the usages of our technologies. At end humankind must learn to accept the ever-present change associated with technology, and accept the accommodation of technology into our daily lives.

I found my article quite interesting, not only for what the author had to say but also for his perspective. I enjoyed being able to see the thoughts about the future from a man living in 1984. In just a few decades, we can look back and see the absolutely vast difference in technology between our two times. Just as the article stated, I agree that people will naturally shy away from the unknown, ever-changing technologies we constantly spit out. Yet once a technology finds its real world application, people are usually willing to accept it. However there are exceptions to every rule, and sometimes it becomes a question of ethics.

My Love / Hate Relationship with Technology

Our world today is vastly based on technology. To me, it seems as if the greatest nations on Earth are often recognized as those with the greatest technology. In our modern age technology plays a limitless variety of roles in life everyday, and it certainly continues to evolve and grow mightier with each passing day.

Heightened life expectancies, greater quality of life, more promising medical prognoses, clearer images whether on our televisions or cameras, cleaner music, and even the means of cleaning ourselves in our advanced society are just a few of the grand amount of luxuries we have thanks to our technology.Image

I’ve grown up in a society that revolves around technology. We’ve been blessed, or potentially cursed, with a plethora of technologies that our recent past generations thought possible only in the wildest of dreams. Certainly technology doesn’t have to be as many classify it today, often being those objects powered by gasoline, oil, or electricity. The first stone wheel, the roman aqueducts, and the engineering behind ancient architectures doubtlessly have an equal claim to the label of technology as well. Using that more broad mentality, it’s almost impossible to envision living a day without utilizing some form of technology.

Technology has sunken its teeth into my life. I live everyday strengthened and assisted by the technology i use. My live is made exponentially easier by it in many ways, but often technology takes its own back in other forms. Technology makes me dependent on it, as I’ve become accustomed to its luxuries. I have no right to complain for the gifts I’ve been given, but at the same time i refuse to completely ignore what I’ve paid in exchangeImage

Now here’s a picture of me, courtesy of my laptop camera. Fancy.