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Assignment 3: A Green Vision of Norfolk

Prezi: A Green Vision of Norfolk

In its current form, Norfolk VA is, put concisely, lackluster. Certainly MacArthur Mall, the Norva, Scope, and the Naro Theatre are all grand places; however, a broad view of Norfolk leaves much to be desired and lessens even the great offers Norfolk holds. My proposal is aimed to help remedy that issue by using the concept of smart growth and a “green” mentality; though I don’t delude myself into believing that a well tailored plan of development will instantly alleviate the entirety of the city’s problems. A plan of this magnitude is a gradual process that cannot succeed with merely aesthetic and technological innovation; it requires the wholehearted effort and support of the people within. In essence, I believe the goal of “Green” development is to alter attitudes and lifestyles more so than to alter cities and structures.

The main objectives of my plan are to set up production of renewable energies to sustain Norfolk, alter undeveloped land into “green” natural parks, find efficient use of the space already developed, incorporate plant life in the city in an effort to bring back the environment we’ve already sacrificed, and promote alternative means of transportation such as bicycles, public transportation, and alternative energy vehicles. Public transportation, such as HRT and the Tide, already has a foundation with the fantastic initiatives that the city of Norfolk has provided. Norfolk has the potential to utilize its coastal location for renewable energy opportunities, and its proximity to the shipyard certainly makes it a city of interest. Norfolk without a doubt has potential, but it requires initiative, forward thinking, and collective support to realize its true worth.